Know Before Whom You Are Standing

The teachings of Judaism come from the written tradition and the oral tradition, both of which were given by the Holy One, blessed be He, on Mount Sinai over 3300 years ago. The written tradition is the Torah consisting of the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, all written in the language of biblical Hebrew. The open part of the oral tradition was written down not quite 1500 years ago and is found in the Talmud, written in the language of Aramaic. The less open part, the hidden light, is carried an oral tradition called the Kabbalah. Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew root meaning to receive. Kabbalah teaches how we can open ourselves to receive from God and how when we do this completely we become givers to God.

The teaching of Kabbalah is not just an intellectual teaching. It is a consciousness teaching of how we can utilize our consciousness to bring Godliness into the world by our thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. Kabbalah keeps us focused on why God created us in this world and what we can contribute and give to the world and to God. In this way Kabbalah teaches us to know God in all the ways in which our minds could possible know that which is totally beyond us.

Kabbalah is a God consciousness teaching: how by discplining our mind and our interpretations of that which is happening around us, we can maintain an awareness of God's presence. When we can maintain an awareness of God's presence, we easily become complete givers and receivers and facilitate others to become complete givers and receivers.

One of the dimensions of Kabbalah is Torah codes. The Torah codes, popularly known as Bible codes, show us that the Torah has some commentary on events that happen in our history. In brief language this commentary describes the events and often seems to provide some Torah teachings associated with these events. That a text that is over 3300 years old should have Torah code references to events that happen thousands of years later is amazing and has certainly sparked heated discussion with those holding belief systems that are not consistent with the existence of Torah codes. Our point of view is that Torah codes are one of the aspects of the hidden light of Judaism and through it we are able to get a hint, a glimpse of the Glory and Honor of the Blessed One who is beyond space and time and created all. Thus, it helps us, in our own small way, to know the One before Whom we are constantly standing.


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